Polyamide BOPA

For the food industry, with excellent mechanical strength, flexibility, puncture resistance, gas barrier properties, resistance to heat and cold, this film has a wide range of applications. Its exceptional mechanical strength and flexibility improves printability, especially for printing packaging. Its remarkable transparency and gloss means it can be used for seafood, meat and precooked/processed foods that are packaged and then sterilised, as well as frozen foods. Its properties make it an option for use in different printing systems, such as flexo and rotogravure, etc.


Polyamide BOPA Coex

Polyamide Bopa is a bi-oriented, co-extruded film for flexible packaging. It is completely transparent and has very high mechanical resistance. It offers great thermal and chemical resistance, high tensile strength, flexibility and resistance to abrasion and tearing. Available for applications requiring contact with food.


Polyamide Bopa Bio

This is a biaxially oriented polyamide film manufactured using simultaneous stretching technology. Available for applications requiring contact with food.